About Dr. Thomas

I am a licensed psychologist in California. I received my doctorate from Michigan State University in 1985. I then moved to California to acquire experience and sit for the State exams in Clinical Psychology.

In the past I have worked for county mental health in outpatient adult services, including serving an inmate population. I have also worked in industrial medicine and acute care hospitals and psychiatric hospitals; consulting regularly. Currently my private practice is with an outpatient population of teens, adults and seniors across a wide variety of settings and life challenges.

I have experience treating a variety of issues, including anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, life transitions, chronic illness and disease, ADHD, behavioral problems in children, addictions, and grief and loss. I also work with the LBGT community.

I am a certified sports psychologist. I also work with artists who are creatively blocked in their art form. And I consult with businesses particularly around trauma in the workplace.

Therapeutic Approach

Sometimes I am asked about my approach to therapy. My answer is this: it is my intention to assist you, my client, in any way that I can be helpful, to further your journey, lessen your struggle, add to your coping skills, and increase your peace of mind and your quality of life and relationship. Towards that end, I will assist you with all the skills and knowledge available to me. I try to do this sensitively and with compassion, and will incorporate a blend of conventional and alternative approaches to help you build on your strengths and identify and achieve your goals.

I utilize psychodynamic and practical, skills-based approaches, including cognitive-behavioral methods. This means that I try to help you understand how your past and unconscious experiences affect you in the present. We address the present by examining your thoughts and perceptions while striving to improve your coping skills, and providing you with alternative strategies for dealing with the issues that caused you to initially come to therapy. Support and practical feedback is provided to assist you in resolving current problems and to change long-standing patterns.

I prefer to work in a collaborative approach to therapy and thus value and respect your input as to what you want out of your therapy. I hope to challenge you as you challenge yourself to grow past your limitations, your pain and your suffering.