Artists often live their lives on the edge. And in so doing; they often hit various blocks and obstacles in their creativity. Panic can set in when this occurs, as this is their livelihood; not to mention, passion. Particularly when the 'block' does't rapidly recede, it can raise many questions and fears.

Part of the wear and tear on the psyche of the artist is the fact that they are so very exposed. Their "insides" are externalized through their art. This is a highly vulnerable process and it can be wearing to the psyche to be so endlessly scrutinized by the public.

Artists are often highly sensitive individuals. That is why they are who they are.

What can the artist do about blocks in creativity?

Use this as an opportunity to go inward

When we have truly learned to welcome all of life’s experiences equally, whether it be those we call 'good' or those we deem 'bad', then and only then, have we truly learned something of value.

Artists are often highly intelligent and sensitive which makes them who they are; their thought processes and world views are unique. If they are fortunate enough to make a living with their art, they often worry about keeping up the pace, coming up with new ideas, and being able to sustain themselves. Intense, self-imposed standards can lead to fears which result in not being able to "perform" at optimal levels.

Creative blocks can occur for many reasons. Artists tend to put their entire psyche into their work and usually expose their innermost being to the public. Often perceptions of those who view the work and the artists’ intentions when creating the work are diametrically opposed.

Once they have exposed themselves repeatedly, vulnerability can creep in, and self-doubt intensifies. These fears may manifest in the artist's creative block, in not feeling as though she has anything fresh or new to speak through art–or at least nothing she wants to lay open and bare.

A Thousand Oaks creativity psychologist can help the artist embrace his situation and not look at it as a crisis. If you are going through a creative block, you can use it as a time for self-reflection and soul searching. With skillful guidance from a creative psychologist, you can come to recognize the block as a part of life. Even those who are not artists go through adjustment issues which lead to questions and thoughts about life, such as: 1) Why am I doing the kind of work I do?; 2) Is the work still enjoyable to me?; and 3) Do I have passion for what I do, or am I just going through the daily motions?

A creativity psychologist in Thousand Oaks can help with processing these questions. You have the ability to go inward and find your truth. Accepting that creative blocks are only for a season and learning to understand and flow with the season in your life will assist you as you go from surviving in winter to thriving in the coming spring.