Many people fail to realize that depression is a medical condition that benefits from medical treatment. Instead, those afflicted with the condition end up struggling without treatment. The result can affect the family, work and physical health of the depression sufferer. Fortunately, there is a Thousand Oaks depression psychologist nearby to help. If you have any reservations about seeing such a doctor, here are some reasons why a depression psychologist in Thousand Oaks can help you.

Depression is Treatable

The condition is more than the blues and it can be treated with medication and various therapies. A depression psychologist specializes in talk and group therapy to help patients. These doctors work in conjunction with the psychiatrist that prescribes medications and monitors medical treatment for depression. Together, the psychologist and the psychiatrist will make a treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery.

Medication Isn’t the Only Solution

The psychologist’s job in the treatment plan is to get to the root of the depression through several types of therapy. The process can be lengthy, but along the way, patients learn a lot about themselves and their condition. Just realizing that depression in Thousand Oaks is treatable with more than medication is a first step in conquering the condition in therapy.

It Will Not Go Away On its Own

Simply telling yourself "get over it" or "suck it up" over and over again won't bring a tangible cure for depression. Unpacking the feelings and motivations behind the depression itself is the best way to develop the necessary coping skills and life-management tools to overcome it. For chronic depression sufferers, the psychologist’s tips and tools for managing the condition is key to leading a happy and healthy life.

You Would See a Doctor for the Flu, Wouldn’t You?

Somehow the condition has a stigma attached to it that prohibits sufferers from seeking help. The bottom line is that depression benefits from medical treatment. It is not laziness, slacking or sloth. Depression is a serious mood disorder that often goes untreated, despite the many services available to sufferers. The key to treating the condition is peeling back the stigma to recognize that depression is like the flu. It invades the body, making you feel so fatigued, confused and unwell that nothing in life matters. Think of depression like the flu and get yourself treated by a Thousand Oaks depression psychologist today.

Causes of Depression

There are numerous causes of depression, including environmental factors such as various forms of loss (job, divorce, health, family problems). Biological factors also play a part in depression. Depression may be tied to disturbances in the body's biochemicals that regulate mood and activity. These biochemicals, called neurotransmitters, are substances that carry impulses or messages between nerve cells in the brain. An imbalance in the amount or activity of neurotransmitters can cause disruptions in the thought, emotion, and behavior of a person. Genetic factors can play a role in depression in that 25 percent of those with depression have a relative with some form of depression as well.

Types of Depression