Life Transitions

One thing we know is that we can count on change occurring in our life. Despite this well known fact, we seem to spend our lives operating under the illusion that 'we are in control'. Much of our energy is spent trying to prevent change from happening; trying to keep things the same. Thus, we find ourselves resisting the naturally occurring changes in life that we can't prevent; which only adds to our suffering. When we learn to quit fighting life and 'get in the flow', even with seemingly unwelcome changes in our lives; our emotional health quickly improves and we come to experience a sense of peace in the midst of a storm. It is like the metaphor of a river where one flows with the current rather than trying to swim upstream.

Thousand Oaks life psychologist, Dr. Laura Thomas, Ph.D., specializes in the life transitions area of psychology. She can help people formulate coping strategies and re-establish their equilibrium in life.


The ending of a marriage doesn't always feel like a new beginning. It can leave one dazed and confused or quite depressed. Many people emerging from divorce feel victimized by their ex-spouse and victims feel powerless. Many ask themselves, "Why can't I stop feeling so angry?" or "Why is he so happy, while I am still miserable?"

You are not wrong in feeling any of your negative post-divorce feelings. Dr. Thomas can help you to map out a plan of divorce recovery.


Are you the person who is asking himself, "Why was I laid off? Doesn't loyalty count for anything anymore?"

Dr. Thomas will counsel you in adjusting to your loss, readying yourself for a new job search and in learning to derive happiness even while unemployed.


A change in health from a chronic illness, or even one that is terminal, is one of life's most difficult transitions. Dr. Thomas, life psychologist in Thousand Oaks, will help you learn to be peaceful in the midst of a health challenge. You can't deny the situation, but you can change your perception of it.


A loss of finances is like having the rug pulled out from under you. How can a person learn to live in times of financial insecurity?

It is possible to learn from this hardship and flow with this unwanted change. You can learn specific strategies in viewing finances from a different perspective and free yourself to move forward in life, regardless of income level.


Are you feeling lonely and depressed in a new city? Relocating and making a home in a new city can involve isolation and homesickness. Dr. Thomas can help you learn ways to adjust to your new community and make friends. You can learn that you are stronger and more flexible than you had previously envisioned yourself.

Grief and Loss

The loss of a loved one is a primary cause of grief. Grief is normal and must be worked through. A life transitions psychologist is trained in helping clients work through their feelings of grief and loss.

Caring for Aging Parents

When you become a "parent" to your parents, it can turn your world upside down. Most people go through this transition at a certain point, but very few people know exactly how to get through it. Let our life transitions psychologist help you through this difficult transition.

Boomerang Children

More adult children are moving back home with their parents. Sometimes this is the result of a divorce or maybe because of job loss. The boomerang adult child transition does not have to be permanent nor intensely stressful. Dr. Thomas can help you in setting boundaries and encouraging your adult child’s independence.

Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents who suddenly must take charge of their grandchildren can feel resentment and anger. If you are in this position, Dr. Thomas can help you adjust.