As baby boomers continue to age, the need for caring psychologists who work with seniors is ever expanding, especially with 10% of the population of Thousand Oaks over 65. Psychologists who offer elderly services are there to assist seniors in understanding, coping with, and accepting the health and life related issues which specifically occur due to aging.

Seniors can be particularly vulnerable to depression. Receiving a diagnosis of depression is difficult for anyone. A psychologist who works with seniors can be of great benefit in assisting in the treatment and management of this diagnosis. Experiencing the many physical and mental changes which accompany aging can be traumatic. Seniors often experience the loss of a spouse or friends and reductions in their ability to care for themselves properly. This can be especially depressing for an aging person. Seeking the assistance of a psychologist in Thousand Oaks can be the start of positive change for seniors with depression.

Nearly one quarter of all people over the age of 65 will suffer with depression at some point. Emotional distress is a factor cited in more than half of all senior visits. Twenty percent of all suicides in the USA involve senior citizens. Having depression can contribute to an overall decline in health in any individual but seniors are more susceptible due to the other changes they are experiencing in connection to the aging process. If left untreated depression can linger or deepen. Family members often struggle trying to cope with multiple new responsibilities while trying to help an aging parent or loved one to gain a new perspective.

A Thousand Oaks psychologist that works with the elderly can be of benefit when a loved one is experiencing changes in health, ability to drive, residence or independence. Many individuals or families may wish to consult with a psychologist in the Thousand Oaks area before implementing changes which affect a senior’s lifestyle. Transitioning to a residential or assisted-living facility can be traumatic, as it may represent a loss of independence and may be preceded by the loss of one's spouse.

Health issues which impair mobility or the ability to perform routine everyday tasks can leave a person with less hope for the future. An individual working with a psychologist can gain better tools and a better mindset with which to cope with these changes.

Other normal but significant changes in the aging senior include shifts in memory function and the loss of one’s dreams for the future. An absence of purpose can result.

Thousand Oaks residents, and those in nearby communities, can avail themselves of the services of a psychologist who works with seniors when the need arises. Establishing a relationship with a knowledgeable and experienced professional usually begins with a phone call and personal consultation.