Spiritual Psychology

Many individuals encounter a time in their lives when they feel unsure about who they are. They want to find and embrace the purpose of their lives. Thousand Oaks psychologist Dr. Laura Thomas believes that every individual must look inside him or herself to find this purpose. Learning how to look inward and strike balance is essential to emotional and spiritual growth. Everyone has the power the find their own purpose and to enjoy a successful, fruitful life.

At the very heart of psychology is the psyche, that part of one's self that is often defined as the inner being, spirit or soul. It might seem like bringing together the disciplines of psychology and spirituality is a new fad. However, the two have always been intricately tied together. Psychology is deeply connected with the inner, emotional lives of human beings. A healthy inner life provides a solid foundation for growth in the outside world.

Unfortunately, this inner life can be thrown off balance by the demands of daily life. The struggles and pressures of the outside world can be overwhelming, leading one to ignore his or her true spirit. It is necessary to look within one's self in order to recreate the sense of balance that allows for spiritual wellbeing. Looking within requires a quieting of the mind and a serious commitment to one’s own growth. Once this has been achieved, one can truly grow from the inside out.

The first step to looking inward is learning how to slow down. Paying attention to one’s inner voice is essential in learning what is out of balance in the psyche. Sometimes creating balance is a simple matter of fine tuning. At other times, restoring balance requires comprehensive work and dedication on part of both the client and the practitioner. The aim of spiritual psychology is to help every individual find his or her true inner self, regardless of their religious beliefs. Establishing a strong relationship with the inner self is a top priority. This self-awareness and mindfulness helps relieve stress, anxiety and clarify a client's daily objectives for his or her life.

Learning how to find a calm space in which one can listen to one’s own mind is essential to this process. A variety of meditation and breathing techniques are used to create a sense of inner peace. One must quiet the endless chatter of the brain in order to truly listen to his or her own spirit. Invoking this quiet inner space can bring tranquility during even the most challenging of times.

You have taken the first step towards your own wellbeing by looking for a psychologist that works with spirituality in Thousand Oaks. Do not be afraid to continue your own journey by looking inwards with the help of a caring, highly-trained psychologist.