Weight Loss

90 DaYs to a New You
                – a holistic approach to weight loss.

*Covered by most insurance plans

In just 12 weeks, in the context of a supportive, safe group environment, we will take you from your current struggles to lose weight to a holistic approach to weight reduction. We will have a team of professionals to assist you where you most need help: including the expertise of a psychologist, an educator/motivational coach, a dietician, a fitness consultant. In these 12 weeks you will:

If you are ready to look at weight loss in a new way—

... this program is for you!

Q. Who Should Participate?

A. Anyone wanting a deeper, more conscious relationship to themselves as relating to food

Q. How Do I Know If I Have An Eating Disorder?

A. There is an abundant amount of information readily available on the internet about eating disorders. You can also ask Dr. Thomas for this assessment. However, this program is not exclusively for those with eating disorders. It is for those with unhealthy attitudes towards self and food.

Q. How Is This Different From Other "Diet" Programs?

A. This is not a diet. This is about changing your unconscious patterns, getting to the root cause of why/how you relate to food, and addressing the psychological, spiritual, and emotional basis in regards to how you relate to food.

Q. How Will A Group Support Program Be Different Than A Diet On My Own?

A. In the context of a safe and supportive environment, you will hear from others and thus hear yourself. The group members and you share much of the same struggle and journey. You can help each other learn and change.

Q. Why Do I Have To Exercise?

A. Exercise is good for the body and soul. Your body wants to move naturally. Find your way to do this. We'll help.

Q. Why Do We Need Motivational Techniques?

A. We all get discouraged and lose our way. Let an expert help. You don't need to do it all alone.

Let us support you on the journey to a New You!