Youth Psychology

The teen and adolescent years can be extremely difficult. Emotional and behavioral problems may surface during this stage in life. Today’s teens live in a fast-paced, increasingly demanding world. They are required to deal with pressure and stress that did not confront previous generations. Parents often struggle to understand their teens behavioral and emotional problems. Dr. Laura Thomas is a compassionate, highly trained Thousand Oaks psychologist. She believes in working collaboratively with families and teens who are experiencing emotional or psychological distress.

Adolescents may be struggling with many concerns and problems in their day-to-day lives. While most experience ups and downs, some struggle with serious, long-term issues.

Many teens demonstrate the signs of emotional or psychological distress when affected by the following stressors:

None of these issues are insurmountable. With professional guidance, teens can overcome the problems that they are facing. It is essential to seek help for a teen who demonstrates signs of psychological or emotional distress. Dr. Thomas, a licensed psychologist in Thousand Oaks, is dedicated to improving the lives of troubled teens.

Many teens experience anxiety as a result of common stressors, such as bullying, home work and peer pressure. Increased anxiety may develop as a result of family strife such as a divorce or death in the family.

Adolescents are under a lot of pressure as they are caught in the awkward phase that fills the gap in between childhood and adulthood. Pressure to make decisions such as where to attend college; what classes to take in high school and even learning to drive can all prompt anxiety. A psychologist in Thousand Oaks can help adolescents to develop proper coping mechanisms to overcome these stressors and adequately deal with their anxiety levels.

Dr. Thomas combines traditional therapeutic methods with alternative approaches to help teens and young adults find balance and overcome their struggles. It is particularly important that teens and young adults learn coping methods that can help them in their daily lives. By working collaboratively with her clients, Dr. Thomas is able to understand how they deal with stressors and can identify effective tactics to combat the onset of stress.

In many ways, teens and young adults are ideal clients. Their minds are agile and are able to accept new challenges. Targeting psychological and emotional problems at the youngest age possible is key in preventing long-term emotional and psychological struggles. Teens and young adults who develop excellent coping skills can enjoy fruitful, fulfilling lives. They are able to confront challenges and adapt to a variety of situations.

Young Adults

Young Adults in Transition

Today’s young adults entering the adult world for the first time are particularly vulnerable to depression and anxiety. They are under much stress to prove themselves for the first time in the adult world. They don’t want to fail either themselves or their family’s perceived expectations. Often, they may be afraid to ask their families for help; fearing either rejection or criticism. Today’s young adults are facing a highly competitive job market; a changing economic situation, unaffordable housing , and many internal fears of failure. Isolation from their friends and family make them particularly vulnerable to feeling overwhelmed and alone.

Helpful suggestions for parents

Anxiety is a common feeling that is often associated with stress, nervousness and embarrassment. While many adults suffer from anxiety on a regular or casual basis, it is often a common condition among teens and young adults. Many teens and young adults do not realize what anxiety is, and have trouble recognizing the triggers that prompt their stress. Your Thousand Oaks anxiety young adults psychologist can help teens and young adults to develop healthy coping strategies to overcome their anxiety before it becomes a lifelong problem.

Young adults are under a lot of pressure as they are bridging the gap between childhood and adulthood. Pressure to make real-world decisions such as choosing amongst education or work options; what direction to take their life and even learning to develop healthy social and romantic relationships post high school. A young adults psychologist in Thousand Oaks can help them to develop proper coping mechanisms to overcome these stressors and adequately deal with their anxiety levels and daily problems they may encounter.