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When it’s time to work through the challenges in your marriage with an experienced therapist, call Laura Thomas, Ph.D. I provide marriage counseling in Thousand Oaks, CA, that helps couples recognize what triggers conflicts in their marriage. During our sessions, we learn how to deal with those conflicts in a healthy manner. Despite the stigma falsely attributed to this kind of counseling, not every couple that enters therapy for their marriage is in trouble. Many couples decide to enter counseling to ensure that their relationship stays on track or to learn how to make their relationship last in a healthy, happy manner.

The type of relationship counseling I provide varies according to each specific case. In some instances, both partners agree that counseling is something they want to try before they make any life-altering decisions. In other cases, one partner is more reluctant. I base treatment suggestions on your unique circumstances.

Relationship Psychology

Relationships, like beautiful gardens, need careful attention. Weeds need to be pulled, soil needs to be cultivated, and flowers need to be planted. Just as one can't merely scatter seeds to the wind and hope that a beautiful garden will grow, neither can one be thoughtless in one's relationships.

We know enough about what makes and keeps relationships healthy and vital. Early intervention before relationships have significantly deteriorated can quickly get them back on track.

In my experience, I have found that where there is a willingness by both parties, miracles can truly happen. Call me if you and your partner require assistance in establishing healthy communication and confronting the challenges in your relationship.

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A Compassionate Relationship Psychologist

The relationships we develop and maintain play a tremendously important role in our lives. As social beings, we depend on positive friendships and love to ensure a rich life full of contentment and joy. However, a life devoid of close relationships and affection will lead to a hollow, lonely existence. Whether you are drifting apart from loved ones or looking to get closer to those around you, I will help.

As a psychologist that specializes in relationships, I assist those who are struggling to manage or reconcile the difficulties they are experiencing. These relationships may include workplace colleagues, friends, or family. However, the most complicated and essential relationship in most individuals' lives is with their spouse or significant other.

Relationship counseling is a relatively new field that has developed in response to the pressures placed on couples today. Let me help you identify those pressures that threaten to separate you from your partner. I’ll teach you powerful strategies so that together, you and your partner will learn to work through your challenges. We’ll discuss how to foster several vital core principles that are essential to all healthy relationships. These include respect, empathy, and trust.

However, couples are not the only ones who can reap the benefits of improving their interaction and comfort with those around them. My services as a relationship psychologist also help individuals without a spouse or a specific relationship in mind. Those who find themselves falling into the same patterns that hurt their interactions and friendships can benefit tremendously from my assistance. By working with me as your counselor, you learn the following skills and techniques to ensure the healthiest, closest relationships possible:

  • Finding healthy relationships
  • Overcoming relationship patterns that previously caused difficulties
  • Identifying your relationship needs
  • Identifying your barriers to commitment and closeness
  • Learning how to maintain love, vitality, and fun in relationships

Virtually all relationships will experience strain at one point or another. This much is inevitable, and it should not be the goal of individuals to avoid such conflict completely. Instead, the goal should be to learn how to overcome these bumps in the road. I will help you develop these techniques, as well as help you identify larger issues that may be hurting your relationship. Often, individuals fall into the same patterns that continue to cause strife in one relationship after another because they never identify these core issues. If you find yourself engaged in similar arguments on a regular basis, please consider calling me to schedule a counseling session.

Healthy relationships are the cornerstones of a joyful existence. However, they are also extremely complex and varied, which means they can be a constant challenge to maintain. Make no mistake, healthy relationships take signifcant effort on the part of both parties. However, when a bond between two people does remain strong, there are few things in life that can bring as much joy. If you feel yourself slipping away from someone close, it is essential you take action with relationship or marriage counseling to ensure you do not lose one of the most fulfilling parts of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any hope if one has had an affair?

Remember that relationships, like the people in them, are extremely resilient. The heart wants to love, to be open. That is its natural state. Yes, there are ways to find this again with your mate. And every situation is unique. Let's explore what is best for you.

2. What if my partner won't come with me to talk about our problems?

Then come alone. Couples are rarely at the same place at the same time. Nor do they share the same perspective. Come and do your part as you see fit. You'll be glad you did.

3. Relationships always have problems, don't they?

Although this is true, healthy relationships rarely just happen. Be willing to open yourself to your own open heart. Discover ways you are limiting your own happiness.

Contact Laura Thomas, Ph.D. to schedule your appointment. I provide a personalized approach to therapy for clients in Thousand Oaks, California.

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